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SMS can even carry non-textual content message payloads as much as one hundred forty x 8-bits in a single message. For a request pdu, calling response() creates and returns a response pdu for that request. For short_message and message_payload fields you possibly can specify a buffer or a string or an object containing udh and message properties, whereas udh is a buffer and message is either a string or a buffer.

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Optional sendCallback shall be referred to as when the pdu is flushed. You can even manually convert a message to a buffer and move it as short_messageor message_payload parameter to bypass automated message encoding. just for DeliverSm and DataSm The service kind parameter signifies the SMS Application service related to the message.


just for AlertNotification Defines the kind of number for use in the ESME originator address parameters. only for AlertNotification Defines the numeric plan indicator to be used within the ESME originator handle parameters. just for AlertNotification and DataSm Defines the type of number to be used within the SME originator handle parameters.

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only for SubmitSm, SubmitMulti, CancelSm and DataSm Defines the type of number for use within the SME destination handle parameters. These headers will be handed to the proxy server while establishing the connection. If your HTTP proxy requires basic authentication, set this attribute to the username required in your HTTP proxy. If you need to tunnel SMPP via a HTTP proxy, set this attribute to the port of your HTTP proxy.

When a submit_sm fails, the SMSC returns a submit_sm_resp with non-zero worth of command_status and ″empty″ message_id. This is an example of the binary encoding of a 60-octet submit_sm PDU. The knowledge is shown in Hex octet values as a single dump and adopted by a header and body break-down of that PDU.

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