Nikolai Lukashenko

The community also famous that they might be pleased to read the memoirs of Lukashenko’s grown son. “Someday Kolya Lukashenko will write a guide” Flight over the cuckoo’s palace “,” they joke on the Internet. The day earlier than, Lukashenka dressed his 15-12 months-old son in a army uniform, handed him a machine gun and took him to observe the protests from a helicopter, which again drew attention to Kohl.

nikolai lukashenko

Mr Lukashenko has not disclosed the id of Nikolai’s mom, but he’s believed to be the son of Irina Abelskaya, his former private doctor and a minimum of his second mistress since turning into president. It is a promotion of dynastic heritage that has drawn a mixture of disgust and pity from the opposition. “When I see this younger child being used to humiliate international leaders, I just really feel sorry for him,” stated Andrei Sannikov, a former opposition presidential candidate now dwelling in exile. Following the election, the opposition arrange the coordination council of Belarus on the transit of energy. State prosecutors, in flip, launched proceedings against the council, suggesting that it may harm the country’s security.

Nikolai Lukashenko

Still, it’s just one department of a scattered opposition that’s going through the seemingly insurmountable task of toppling a deeply entrenched dictator. The major problem for the motion, says Glod, the CEPA analyst, is to do the tedious work of political organising in a rustic where institutions have been largely hollowed out. “If you need to come to energy as a political pressure, you need to build networks of trust, you need to persuade individuals,” she says.

The provide appears to be partly a reward for releasing six political prisoners in August, in addition to Mr Lukashenko’s position in internet hosting peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. “This time it’s a really shameless fraud,” mentioned Mr Sannikov, who ran as an opposition candidate in 2010, but was beaten up and jailed for two years after the election. Two candidates, Sergei Gaidukevich of the Liberal Democratic Party and Nikolai Ulakhovich, of the Belarussian Patriotic Party, have overtly supported Mr Lukashenko and effectively act as spoiler candidates.

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That, BYPOL members hope, will help maintain a movement that’s threatening to peter out. “If we keep quiet, we’ll all be sent to those camps and no one one will assist us,” Vladimir Zhyhar, a BYPOL member and former police operative from southern Belarus, tells VICE World News. By accumulating and occasionally publishing intelligence from former colleagues on the inside, such because the alleged recording of Karpenkov, the remotely-primarily based group is hoping to both outwit the regime and construct an international case against it. It’s an integral part of the opposition’s technique to strain Lukashenko from overseas by coordinating with compatriots again house.

The group claims to have penetrated many branches of Lukashenko’s sprawling security equipment, together with the scary KGB. Kohl my will never be president, we now have conversations generally, the middle one plays sports, the senior one is in the National Olympic Committee, and Kohl traveled with me to the election campaign, he turned a child, he noticed all this dust, no in which case “. Lukashenko casts his ballot with Nikolai at a polling station in the course of the presidential election in Minsk, Belarus, on Sunday, October. As he forged his ballot in Belarus’ presidential elections on Sunday, the person often known as Europe’s final dictator was accompanied not by his estranged wife, and even considered one of his rumoured mistresses, but a small blond boy in blue swimsuit. According to his father, Nikolai was so near Alexander that he insisted he comply with Alexander to these meetings, but it has been speculated that Nikolai was being groomed to be president after Alexander. Kolya attracted additional media consideration in 2013, when Alexander acknowledged that his son would turn into a President of Belarus, causing numerous speculations within the press.

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There is a model that Alexander Lukashenko started appearing with the boy in public after consultations with the well-known British publicist Timothy Bell, which started in March 2008. He informed the president that the family man would inspire extra trust within the citizens and gave recommendation to make the picture of the Belarusian Father the image of the Belarusian pope, type and caring. According to the main version in the media, Mikalai’s mom is Iryna Abelskaya, Lukashenka’s former private doctor and doctor of medical sciences. Her mom Lyudmila Postoyalka was the Minister of Health of Belarus in .

In 2015, Lukashenko, at the age of 10, took part in a session of the United Nations General Assembly. In June 2020, he and his father attended the Moscow Victory Day Parade on Red Square. ; born 31 August 2004) is the third son of Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus. Back in Belarus, the opposition’s fledgling Coordinating Committee is doing just that, having shaped working teams to handle every little thing from labour rights to the embattled Belarusian language. Meanwhile, Tikhanovskaya this week unveiled a nationwide on-line vote to spur the worldwide community into mediating talks between Lukashenko and the opposition. Only time will inform whether both of these efforts entice enough in style backing.