Taylor Luke Design

Projects printed through letterpress have a tangible quality that ensure they will be held onto. This traditional printing process creates something that asks for a second, third, and forth look. The result is something that can be charming, quirky, and elegant.

My studio has a view overlooking Portland, Oregon from a small farming community. I love working with folks who want to express themselves through creative and personal design. I see the letterpress process, from design to printing, as a collaborative team effort. Being able to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes of this timeless craft gives me great satisfaction and gives you pride in every card you hand out.

When I’m not designing with pixels or running my antique letterpress, I’m usually flying over jumps on horseback, knitting, traveling, and tending to my hive of 12,000 honey bees.

Recent Projects

Bride + Groom + Baby! Wedding Invitation Set