Spiffy Press

I started Spiffy Press in late-2008 after many years of dreaming about having a letterpress of my own. My dream came true when I found a Vandercook 219, which now resides in my garage. My car’s not too happy about it, but I’ve got my priorities.

With the letterpress I am able to realize all of the elements of design that I love: all things handmade, type (and lots of it), the proportion and balance of architecture and thought-provoking ideas. I am a conceptual designer, meaning I like to create designs with a deeper, double meaning or message. Sometimes these concepts aren’t so obvious, you have to stop and think.

I am inspired by the world around me, observing people going about their regular routine is my favorite pastime. I take my design cues from life’s details that often go unnoticed, then turn them upside down, inside out or merge unlikely combinations of things. I’m happiest when someone takes a second glance and stops to think about my designs. When you get that “ah ha” look on your face, I know you see something clever or smart that you didn’t see at first glance. Life’s just more fun when something is beautifully designed and makes you think.

Recent Projects

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