SlowPrint Letterpress Studio

Our print shop is located in the historic Millwork Arts District of Dubuque, Iowa. We focus primarily on commercial letterpress work using photopolymer plates, but we still like to break out the wood type and play! We have two Heidelberg Windmills, a Vandercook 219 press, Miehle V-36 cylinder press, and a C&P Old-Style treadle-powered press. SlowPrint was recommended by Matthew Butterick in his book, Typography for Lawyers, and offers business cards based on Matthew’s templates by special arrangement. In addition, our design guru, founder and typographer, Peter Fraterdeus, has designed our in-house line of business card templates (Zen of Letterpress).Peter has taught numerous letterpress technique workshops nationally and abroad, and will be teaching in September 2014 at the ATypi conference in Barcelona and at Gallerie P98a in Berlin.