Paper Wren Press

Formerly G. Johanson, Letterpress.
Our goal is to produce beauty and quality on paper. We use a combination of very old school design and imaging technique (pen, ink, Bristol board, and the occasional scratch board), taking advantage of state of the art digital techniques where appropriate. All this creativity ultimately becomes mounted on hardwood blocks in the form of Copper or other metals not unlike methods used in the 1870s. These blocks, or ‘dies’, are mounted upon presses of a design that spans the last half of the 19th and early 20th century. It is from these “iron horses” that our prints are created, one at a time. No automation. Hand over hand, and hand by hand. Each impression scrutinized as it is pulled from the Tympan.

No, it isn’t the fastest process in the world. It is an ancient process which has produced the finest printing on Earth since 1453. They way we see it: at Paper Wren Press, the Digital Age meets Gutenberg . . . and Gutenberg meets the Digital Age!