Lucky Duck Press

Lucky Duck Press is a direct descendant of my great-grandfather’s Sterling Press of Winsted, Connecticut.

In 1901, my great-grandfather, Howard Deming, started The Sterling Press (later The Sterling Name Tape Company) in the small city of Winsted, Connecticut. His business included announcements, business cards, invitations and business brochures and was printed by the method of the day, letterpress.

Over the years, any printing equipment that became outdated was moved to the basement of the Sterling building. Just over 100 years after my great-grandfather opened his print shop, I brought some of those presses and type to Brooklyn, NY and Lucky Duck Press was born!

After six years as a Brooklyn-based company, in the winter of 2010/2011, my wife and I decided to leave the city for a quieter lifestyle in the Berkshires, and we moved Lucky Duck Press into the original Sterling Name Tape building in Winsted, Connecticut. I meet clients, respond to emails, and work on new designs at a desk in the office that was once my great-grandfather’s, my grandfather’s, and then my dad’s.

My family still operates The Sterling Name Tape Company in the building, and they were a key reason I chose to move back to Northwest Connecticut. It just feels right to have the two companies in the same building, sharing equipment and creative ideas.

My great-grandfather’s presses are hand-fed and foot-powered, which lends a handmade quality to each piece of my work. In addition to original metal type, however, many of my designs are printed from photopolymer plates created from computer files. The mixed use of both mediums is one of the key elements that has allowed letterpress to enjoy such a renaissance.

The family connection, and a love of history, is what first drew me to letterpress. A keen interest in playing an active part in the family story, and adding a new chapter to the history of letterpress printing and small businesses, keep Lucky Duck Press moving ahead.