My name is José Raúl Herrera from México City.

I am part of Impresopolis, a second generation Printshop here in México.

We are right now redefining Impresopolis as a cross media bureau, pack /

lenticular / web.

We own a Heildelberg windmill for many years. That machine became impopular

because it has not any digital push button. =)=)

A year ago, I was talink with my Father and He told me about the many

possibilities of the machines, and how it used to print even full color.

So we ordered cotton paper, a back letterpress and inks… and then I discovered

with my Father´s help how beauty is the letterpress.

We printed my Sister´s wedding cards, everybody was happy and surprised…

Now in our new web page we are thinking to add an exlusive section of

letterpress for hi end packaging applications…

That is Impresopolis… thank You for give us the change be part of You!!!

letterpress is the future of creating great impressions!!!