Honizukle Press

A little shop with lots of Heart

My shop started a long time ago, in my heart. My sister and I spent hours collecting pretty papers and looking at them, yes, just looking at them and it was way back then that the tiny Honizukle seed was planted.

As a child, I loved design without knowing it. Collecting pretty wrapping paper, admiring typography and noticing beautiful packaging before I even knew what it all was.

Some years back I discovered letterpress and I knew that was the missing piece in my little stationery heart. Now I spend hours dreaming up designs I love to print. There’s nothing better than grabbing a cold coke, new plates and some fresh paper and mixing inks to see how it’s all going to turn out.

Now in full bloom, my designs are reflections of the things I love and enjoy and I hope a little bit of happiness reaches you through them.