Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print is a thriving letterpress poster and design shop in downtown Nashville, TN. With six full time designer-printers on staff, the shop creates and prints 500-600 different jobs every year, in quantities ranging from 100 into the thousands. The client list ranges from Mumford & Sons to Willie Nelson, and includes brands such as Fossil, Taschen and the United States Postal Service.

Founded by brothers Charles and Herbert Hatch, this legendary shop opened in Nashville in 1879. For much of the twentieth century, the shop’s striking and vibrant posters, printed from large wood blocks designed and carved by C.R.’s son, Will T. Hatch, and staff, served as a leading advertising medium for Southern entertainment, including members of the Grand Ole Opry like Bill Monroe, Minnie Pearl and Ernest Tubb, and rock & roll impresarios such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry in the 50s. Thousands of posters and billboard-size advertisements were also printed for the traveling vaudeville and minstrel shows, circuses and carnivals entertaining in small towns and cities across the country.