Graytin Press

Once upon a time, there lived two creative adventurers who fell madly in love with each other (of course, at first sight). Although both shared a passion for art, their forms were vastly differing with one being a musician and the other a craftsman. Desperate for more time together, they sought to find a world in which they could share each others talents and learn a new trade. After days of hunting, they discovered the world of letterpress.

Joshua and Lynn decided to look at letterpress machines, just to see what they would cost. Little did they know that their first search would yield an immaculate Chandler & Price 10×15 within driving distance for a wonderful price! And so, with only YouTube videos, a love for paper, and a whole lot of charisma to equip them, they purchased their very first letterpress machine and began bringing Graytin Press to life.

Now, years later, Graytin Press has an impressive array of beautiful letterpress designs and satisfied customers to show for their hard work and challenging adventure. Each job is handled with care and joy, from the beginning of the design process to the grand finale of revealing the finished product. Please contact us today, and join our quest to bring affordable, immaculate letterpress to the world… One impression at a time.