The Print shop was started in 1830 by a Veterinary Surgeon Francis Cupiss, MRCVS who wanted to print labels for his medicines. He purchased a Columbian Eagle Press to carry out his printing which we still have in use today. We were fortunate in the 1970’s when most printing companies in the UK destroyed all their Letterpress type and machinery that we kept all of ours.
Our print shop is situated in the market town of Diss in Norfolk, 20 miles south of Norwich and 100 miles north of London in rural East Anglia.
The print shop itself retains a lot of the character of its history.
The company has a staff of two, who are finding they are getting more enquiries for Letterpress Printing particularly Wedding Stationery and Cards all requiring the heavy impression that is currently popular.
A large part of our letterpress work is carried out using hand composed type from our extensive range of wooden and metal typefaces and, if required, artwork printed from blocks to complete the job.
We offer the general public the chance to participate in letterpress printing by running Letterpress Experience Days at weekends when visitors can create designs using our typefaces to print their efforts on the Eagle Press.