Clove St Press

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to get to know Clove St Press, I’m Daniel the owner and printer. (Pictured above working and having a bit of fun) Day to day, I work hard to create the best letterpress prints possible and spend countless hours experimenting with and refining my process. The letterpress process is extremely interesting and complex but it boils down to one thing, putting ink on paper. Using this simple and beautiful process, I believe, communicates an importance and level of consideration through the content of your message. Much greater than what’s achieved through digital printing. Whether it’s a business card, wedding invitation or fine art print, anyone who picks up or sees this print will immediately know they’re experiencing something special. A unique handcrafted piece of art that was thoughtfully and carefully made. Essentially, letterpress communicates value.

A trained graphic designer, I began letterpress printing because of my love of typography. I bought a press while still in my undergrad years and am blessed to print letterpress now as a “real” job. I end up becoming friends with my clients and am motivated and challenged by the artwork they present to me to print. I take the responsibility of printing your artwork very seriously and am dedicated to reproducing consistent quality prints time after time.

-Daniel H