Bunny Bear Press

I am a former corporate branding and packaging graphic designer turned stationery and invitation designer and letterpress printer. I have always loved print and print design and I love being able to take my projects from the idea phase all the way through the print phase on my own. Touching a project on every level gives me ultimate control and I know that all of my projects will be held to my high standards.

I currently have a 1903 10×15 Chandler and Price and a 3×5 Kelsey. I began printing everything on my Kelsey breaking up larger prints into smaller plates and routinely putting my jobs 3-6 times through the press just to fill a larger area. I bought my 10×15 C&P in February and am loving being able to print a larger area in much less time. I am still learning the quirks of my new (to me) press, but loving every minute.

Recent Projects

Jamie's Bridal Shower