Bruno Press

I inherited my fathers print shop when he passed away in 2003. My lil shop consists of 5 badass presses including a Vandercook #4 proof press and a 10 x 15 Chandler & Price. I got my BFA in printmaking form St. CLoud State University and my specialty is linoleum block carving. I now have a line of over 150 super mega funny greeting cards which takes me to the National Stationary Show each year in May. I also print posters, wedding invites, and t shirts on my presses. My interns and I are always having a good time gettin inky in the shop. I love to travel to other peoples printshops and I have been to Hamilton a bunch of times. I love my presses like they were my children and making connections in the industry is one of my favorite things.

Recent Projects

Draplin Save the Date