Boxcar Press

Boxcar Press is the largest letterpress print shop in North America. The Syracuse, New York shop prints different things for different companies and people all over the world, including letterpress invitations, letterpress business cards, coasters, letterhead, greeting cards, stationery, calendars, baby announcements, poetry, posters, art prints, and more. Boxcar Press also creates letterpress plates for over 10,000 printers around the world, and runs a plate and film recycling program for their customers to keep polymer and film out of landfills.


Capabilities include:

• Runs of 1 to 100,000+

• Letterpress printing. Maximum letterpress size: 22 x 30 sheet with a 21 x 28 image area.

• Foil stamping. Maximum foil size: 14 x 22 sheet with a 12 x 16 image area.

• Offset printing, including offset printed floods on the backs of letterpress papers.

• Double-sided printing

• Die-cutting, scoring, and creation of custom dies

• Die-cutting and assembly of custom pocketfolds and enclosures

• Corner rounding, hole drilling, and grommeting

• Edge painting and foil edging

• Hand-lining of envelopes from paper that you supply or that we custom print for you

• File prep, typesetting, and custom design

• Inhouse platemaking service


Recent Projects

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