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Triple Hex Sign

Triple Hex Sign
Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes — This is both beautiful and interesting. The layered design and lettering invite interpretation and contemplation.

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PA Dutch folklore has forever been a part of my family heritage. The inspiration for this hex print came from a “PA Dutch Hex Tour,” in southeastern PA. Hex signs were used to protect one’s family as well as to bring good fortune. Each hex sign has its own meaning based on the use of shapes and colors. This particular hex sign is a symbol of hope, luck, and love with all three printed on top of each other.


Category Other Inks Rubber based
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production 9 runs on a Vandercook #4
Paper Weight 110# Printer Typothecary Letterpress
Paper Color Pearl Artist/Agency Megan Zettlemoyer


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