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Trio #2

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Trio #2
Jim Moran

Jim Moran — A soft, dreamy addition using watercolors

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Harmless at first, the cycle of repetitive conversations becomes hopeless. I find myself attracted to words and try to break out of relying on typography alone. My art embraces words, but it is auxiliary compared to the overall discourse. It’s my hope for the viewer to fall into the unsuspecting flow of conversations, only to leave with lost expectancy.

My work is a study of how to best encapsulate the dynamics of this ebb by compositing these three techniques – calligraphy, letterpress, and watercolor. To alleviate the gravity of the three adverbs, the words are written with a pointed pen nib. To extend the context of this contrast, I utilize letterpress on watercolor paper, making each print unmatched. After press, I bring all the pieces back together and apply color to embody the two individuals and the forlorn flow of their conversation.


Category Other Inks Transparent White
Paper Other Production Calligraphy, Letterpress, Watercolor
Paper Weight 300 gsm Printer Self-Printed
Paper Color White Artist/Agency Emily Duong


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