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Does your significant other deserve a ‘Best Homemade Pie’ award? Or how about a ‘Colourful Scarf Appreciation Award’ for your housemate? I’m sure the local coffee shop down the street would appreciate a ‘World’s Best Coffee’ award. If you have someone special in mind, now you can award your own trophy to someone who you think deserves it. Just fill in the plaque on the front and write your message on the inside.

Each card has a perforation along the top and is die cut so you can remove the trophy, fold along the scores and prop it up on your mantelpiece alongside your ‘Under 12s Netball’ participation trophy.

The Trophy Cards are printed on Stephen Smart White 330gsm, an Australian-made, 100% carbon neutral stock and come complete with a kraft envelope.


Category Other Inks
Paper Production
Paper Weight Printer The Hungry Workshop
Paper Color Artist/Agency The Hungry Workshop


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