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The Sea-Port Beat Promo

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Promotional package for Hollow Earth Radio’s first radio documentary series about the independent music legacy of the Pacific Northwest. My design ideas was based on what’s the core of the legacy: house shows and DIY home recorded material, all happening within basements, spread along the Puget Sound corridor, and being passed around by word of mouth in a totally underground scene.

I letterpressed: 200 posters, 200 postcards, 60 envelope labels, and 600 (!) tchotchkes (w/ a very crazy special technique). All on a quite challenging budget, which we stayed within.

The artwork was all carved on linoleum, there’s no movable type used. In order to keep the amount of carving within budget, I carved the big poster first, pressed, then cut it into smaller linoleum pieces that went into pressing the rest of the suite: envelope label, table cards, and tchotchkes. The table card linocut was carved more to add the text for that piece. I used both of my platen presses for this job (Chandler & Price and a Peerless). All pressed onto Magnani Pescia White, trimmed carefully using scraps on every parent sheet for the smaller suite pieces.

Grommets were added to each poster where the tchotchkes would hang. Each package contained 10 tchotchkes with instruction on how to hang those for the public in the community centers they ended up.

60 packages were distributed; 30 to community places to encourage the community to host listening parties at these centers, as well as have the public go to the website to listen to the documentary pieces. The other 30 packages went to the media. The rest of the posters and postcards populated cafes, music stores, and other relevant places in Seattle and within the state, where needed. Once in a while I run into one, even though it has been a couple of years already.

The Hollow Earth Radio is an independent all-volunteer-based 24/7 internet-only radio in Seattle.


Category Packaging Inks Daniel Smith Lithographic Ink (vegetable)
Paper Other Production Illustration Linocut, Letterpress, Trimming, Grommet Installation, Tchotchke-Instruction Card Assembly
Paper Weight 110lb Printer Miss Cline Press
Paper Color White Artist/Agency Ana Karina Luna


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