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Who doesn’t like rummaging through odd treasures? We’re huge fans of pouring through disparate collections in search of that one item that speaks to you and that’s why we are huge fans of The Finders Keepers. You never know what you might find. So we were totally stoked when we had the opportunity to create the artwork for Brisbane’s Spring/Summer design & art market.

The bright, bold, geometric design joins two simple symbols of the found and the kept. Feathers are found, sought after and collected. They represent personality, not only defining a species of bird but also symbolising a free spirit. It’s a natural and organic element which contrasts the key. Keys are carefully crafted and used to keep, or unlock and set free. They represent an unseen value, a treasure or a secret. Both represent individuality and we think together, they sum up The Finders Keepers experience quite well.

The background pattern consists of a searching eye and two overlapping keys. Within the feather we used a custom chevron pattern which overprints to create a third colour. The intricate patterns and overlapping colour meant that our registration had to be perfect. A challenge we impose on ourselves which gives us such satisfaction when we get it right.

We letterpress printed the design in two fluorescent colours: a hand mixed aqua and a yellow ink with a touch of red. We photographed the print without the typography and added that in post so we had more control of type sizes for the different applications of the artwork to appear on posters, postcards and throughout the internet. The design was printed on Crane Lettra 300gsm, which holds a fantastic impression and has a really toothy texture which comes up nicely in the photography.


Category Inks
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production
Paper Weight Printer The Hungry Workshop
Paper Color Artist/Agency The Hungry Workshop


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