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The DUO Project

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The DUO Project
Robynne Raye

Robynne Raye — Love the quirky illustration style on this piece.

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DUO is a note card that can be recycled into wall art. It’s a two-sided single flat tile: one side has the artist’s original pencil doodles inspired by the love of the simple and the mundane in life; the other side has blind de-bossed lines for a message, poetry, thoughts.

It’s entirely letterpressed by hand on a manual 1860’s Peerless platen press, onto one of the thickest papers around: a 1/8″ thick 100% pure cotton tile, specially engineered for this project. A perfectly centered cotton cord, with slip knots on each end, makes hanging easy, versatile and fun: on walls, windows, mirrors, panels, hang-stacked, from the ceiling as a mobile, or framed. With the dual slip knots, both sides of the card can be displayed.

The DUO Project wishes to be a displayable venue for the love messages we write to one another. It hopes to encourage people to keep close by — on their walls — messages and art that will inspire them every day. Accompanies black envelope, and ideas on how to have fun hanging a DUO tile. Limited edition; no reprints.


Category Notecards Inks Daniel Smith Lithographic Ink (vegetable)
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production Letterpress, Paper Tile Engineering, Cord Assembly
Paper Weight 220lb (x3) Printer Miss Cline Press
Paper Color Fluorescent White Artist/Agency Ana Karina Luna


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