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Jennifer James

Jennifer James — These cards are gorgeous, and reading the story behind them makes them that much sweeter. The lines in these patterns, especially when printed with no ink, allow the paper to almost become sculptural.

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Jenna lay on the floorboards, staring through the lens of her camera at the ceiling of our empty Brisbane apartment. We had just packed our life up in preparation for the move to Melbourne and Jenna was doing something she had always wanted to do: document the ornate art deco plaster work of the building.

We dutifully recreated the patterns, line by line, for these cards and then letterpressed the white-on-white design deep into 100% cotton stock. Each card comes complete with a matching square envelope and is letterpress printed on Crane Lettra Pearl White 300gsm.


Category Notecards Inks
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production
Paper Weight Printer The Hungry Workshop
Paper Color Artist/Agency The Hungry Workshop


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