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The Chinese Village in Malaysia

Many of us live in a metropolis due to the nature of our job. And there is this time of the year, we will make that long journey back to our hometown, a.k.a balik kampung for festive celebration. As for Chinese, CNY is indeed an important celebration. Traditionally, all Chinese will hold a grand dinner on the night before CNY to mark the reunion of all family members. The word “咚咚摪 – Dong Dong Chiang” is depicted from the sound of the drum and cymbals during a lion dance performance, which signifies courage and superiority. According to Chinese belief, it’s being performed to chase away ghosts and evil spirits. And soon this exciting tradition indicates the arrival of CNY to celebrate the year ahead with prosperity and happiness.

Thankfully we live in a peaceful country, where every races have the freedom to celebrate their festival. Best of all, we share our cultural and religious celebrations, we open our homes, we share meals, we exchange gifts. And that’s the beauty of Malaysia.


Category Holiday Card Inks Vanson Rubber Based Ink
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production
Paper Weight 300gsm Printer The Alphabet Press
Paper Color Fluorescent White Artist/Agency Fidella Ch'ng


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