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The Basics of Letterpress

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The  Basics of Letterpress
Boxcar Press

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Design Ivan Gulkov of Pillowface Press
Printing: Evgeny Pefilyev of Demon Press (


Letterpress Printing: The Basics
1450 – 2012
Hand Composition (the section to the left) Photopolymer (the section to the right)
1.Typesetting 2.Tying the galleys 3.Form Lockup
4.Digital layout 5. Printing the negative 6.Photopolymer exposure and washout
7.Makeready 8.Packing 9.Registration 10.Inking 11.Presswork 12.Washup 13.Oiling


Category Poster Inks
Paper Other Production
Paper Weight Printer Self-Printed
Paper Color Artist/Agency Ivan Gulkov


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