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Stella Artois Note Cards

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Stella Artois Note Cards

ghost — What caught our eye on this piece is the metallic edges; the mark itself is regale, but coupled with the gold detailing there is an extra feel of worth.

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Three color letterpress notecard for Belgium based brewer Stella Artois. The three color separation for the Stella logo was done to replicate the fine details and color overlay used throughout their branding. The cards were printed using Vegetable oil based inks with a custom mix red (Stella Red 021) for their iconic red color.

The cards were finished with gold metallic edge coloring to match the brand styling and add an extra pop of color.


Category Notecards Inks Stella Red 021, Neutral Black, Metallic Gold 875
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production Letterpress, Edge Coloring
Paper Weight 600gsm Printer Dolce Press
Paper Color Fluorescent White Artist/Agency Mother New York


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