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Ribbons of Red Business Cards

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We have always loved letterpress, so we jumped at the opportunity to bring part of our own brand to life using it. We wanted a business card that caught people’s eyes and told a little bit about us. Business cards can be so stale and we wanted the card to have some personality.

We also wanted a killer red texture!

Instead of having to print an artificially made texture, we let the press do it on its own by printing a flood coat without a great deal of pressure. What you’re seeing is the natural “salting” that occurs when paper fibers show through the ink coverage. This was the texture I wanted to match my brand. One caveat is that with such a large area of ink coverage, you need to give it a hit of varnish to prevent offsetting.


Category Business Cards Inks
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production
Paper Weight Printer Angel Bomb
Paper Color Artist/Agency Ribbons of Red


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