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Pocket of Posies watercolor & letterpress business cards

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After only a few emails back and forth with this pair of California floral shop owners, I realized they were pretty much my ideal clients—quick and decisive with design feedback, open to new ideas, and maybe most importantly, they seemed to truly understand and value the work that goes into letterpress printing. Plus, they were interested in incorporating my new watercolor illustration services into their cards!

Step 1: Letterpress print an all-over pattern just kissing the paper on the back, then the pertinent info got a fairly deep impression on the front.

Step 2: I hand-painted a funky flower on each card individually—at one point I had them drying all over the living room floor. As always, the cards were finished by hand-cutting them to size and sorting out the best ones to send to the client!


Category Business Cards Inks custom-mixed oil
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production letterpress and hand-painting
Paper Weight 110 lb Printer 622 Press
Paper Color bright white Artist/Agency Kristin Joiner


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