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Missing Pages

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Missing Pages
Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter — We have gotten use to seeing digital messages and this looks like the penmanship of a highly creative individual, and that is appealing

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My work involves looking at what is considered private and what is considered public.
I have been making visual and written journals for years. I exhibit my “visual” ones but not my private written ones. With this as a starting point, I decided to question what I was keeping private. For the “Missing Pages” project I have taken several “private” journal pages and printed them using the fine Letterpress process, often associated with important public announcements, like wedding invitations, announcements that are beautifully elegant and easy to read. My journals are more like ephemera. They are haphazardly written, not made to be legible, and often contain notes and scraps from articles I find. For me this project explores what I am trying to protect, by turning something that I might hide into something I make public. Yet in these prints there is still a kind of camouflage that keeps the images and works from being truly accessible.


Category Other Inks
Paper Production
Paper Weight Printer Goosefish Press
Paper Color Artist/Agency Robert Siegelman


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