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Jennifer James

Jennifer James — I love this business card! The contrast in color, type, and coverage is great. And I love the grey halftone pattern combined with the fluorescent green carrots!

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The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe is, itself, an excellent idea. A place to meet, work, share and create, The Rabbit Hole offers up workstations to rent for creative people for short term stays. Plus a whole bunch of other tools are included to help create and execute great ideas: good books, solid internet, a boardroom for meetings and, most importantly, a steady stream of caffeine from the in-house coffee shop.

We designed and letterpress printed a promotional giveaway along with a few business cards. Printed in fluorescent green and a double hit of silver on Beer Matt Board 390gsm, the postcard gives a call out to create. Several shapes are die-cut out and can be put together to create a stylised rabbit.

Along with creating the custom die cut for the rabbit, we were a bit crafty with the sheet and managed to fit two business cards alongside the postcard. We printed them in the same run on the same sheet, which saves on set-up costs.

The business cards feature a few fluro green carrots for good measure, printed with a nice, deep impression.


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