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DesignGood + DesignGood Studio Business Cards

We are a design and social good blog (, as well as a branding and digital agency ( Two brands and companies in theory, but closely intertwine. This is the card we hand out for our blog, studio, and our store. So being designers..we pulled out all the stops. We have a thing for metallics, so we used the deeper bronze gold for the letterpress, and the edge paining. We foil stamped our tagline “Create & Contribute” on the back along with our two primary domains. We did half of the print run with orange backs, and half with turquoise….because why not? It’s fun to watch clients and partners pick what color they want. We wanted to show off multiple printing techniques, and our skill for combining those techniques, color, and materials.


Category Business Cards Inks Metallic
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production There was a pretty lengthy production process on these cards. They had to be letter pressed, foil stamped, duplexed (colored Neenah Astrobrights sheet to Crane's Lettra), then edge painted.
Paper Weight DTC Printer Workhorse Printmakers
Paper Color Fluorescent White DTC Artist/Agency Kristin Moses


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