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Cloudy Collection “Hanging with the Dead”

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Cloudy Collection
Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter — Love the use of half-tones and the variety of the work. Cloudy always brings great designers together and this is no exception.

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8 letterpress prints (5 x 7 prints). Seven of the prints are part of this collection; the witch print is actually a promo piece for a book. We don’t usually run screen tints on letterpress but our friend David likes to challenge us–and we like to be challenged! For some of the prints we had to create two black plates to run separately, one for the screens and one for the solids. These prints are for sale at the Cloudy Collection’s web site:


Category Other Inks Black, 7485U
Paper Other Production Our Heidelberg Cylinders were booked at the time, so we ran this on our Heidelberg Windmill presses.
Paper Weight 265 gsm 1-ply Printer Boxcar Press
Paper Color Bamboo White Artist/Agency David Huyck, Natasha Allegri, Sam Bosma, Emily Carroll, Michael DeForge, Michael Slack and Steve Wolfhard


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