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Broadside for Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue

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Commissioned for the occasion of the author’s reading at Rakestraw Books, this broadside was designed to replicate the feel and aesthetic of an LP on a vintage record player. Vinyl records play a central role in the book, as does the city of Oakland (also home to Volta Press). When we set out to design and print this piece, we wanted to capture what we felt were the unifying themes of the book and the letterpress process: boldness, innovation, an emphasis on craft, and a fascination with the analog era. We also wanted the printing process to be uniquely matched to our press, a Vandercook 3 from the 1940s: thus the size (11″ x 17″) and experimentation with texture and saturation.Edition of 100 numbered and 10 lettered copies.


Category Poster Inks Van Son rubber-base
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production Printed from four photopolymer plates; the finer lines (text, horizontal rule) were printed first as separate runs, then the high-coverage areas were printed second, with the press double-inked for black and triple-inked for red.
Paper Weight 110# Printer Volta Press
Paper Color Ecru Artist/Agency Volta Press


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