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Amy & John’s Surprise Wedding Invitations

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As a stationery designer and letterpress printer, I rendered myself a little redundant when my partner and I decided to throw a surprise wedding at our daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

Not to be deterred, I started to look at options for creating some kind of design that held a secret message to be revealed on the day. I was inspired by the 3D design created by The Mandate Press a few years ago and decided to test out whether or not I could reasonably design a piece that so completely disguised its hidden message that it could be sent as a 2nd birthday invitation, only revealing its ulterior motive on the day of the party with the help of some 3D decoder glasses.

The design took months to perfect. My design concept was that our wedding was ALWAYS going to happen, it was written in the stars. Each and every tiny star of this design was pored over until the piece worked,both aesthetically and mechanically. The printing was experimental to say the least – I mixed the red ink while wearing decoder glasses to get the shade just right!

But all the work paid off. As you can see from the emotionally charged photos of our family, our wedding may have been written in the stars, they they never saw it coming.

** I have photos that outline the piece in more detail if required. **


Category Wedding Inks Custom mixed by eye - lilac and red
Paper CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers Production Letterpress Print
Paper Weight 600gsm Printer Self-Printed
Paper Color Pearl White Artist/Agency Amy Constable for Saint Gertrude Design


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