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Studio On Fire — Day glow inks. Pattern. Overprinting colors. Oh god, this is good letterpress.

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The good folks at Raleigh Paper commissioned us to design a letterpress giveaway for their yearly tour of The Mohawk Show.

The Mohawk Show is one of a few events that sets a standard within the community. We knew graphic designers would be attending the show to admire and be inspired by the work, and Raleigh wanted us to create something tangible that these attendees could take away with them.

We created a letterpress printed sketchbook, a place to store their ideas. The back cover has a stylised bow, the front has a set of arrows, with the words ‘Aim True’: a simple reminder to stay inspired and to achieve their targets, whatever these targets may be…

To decorate and theme the show we also created a series 0f letterpress printed targets, again with the the ‘Aim True’ mantra, to hang above the work.

The cover of the sketchbook and the targets are letterpress printed on Superfine Ultra White Eggshell 352gsm with two passes of fluorescent inks (in three different colour combinations) and one pass of black ink. The inside pages are Superfine Ultra White Eggshell 104gsm, a luxurious stock for sketching. The work not only showcases Raleigh’s fine paper, but also their commitment to the design industry: to provide excellent paper as the vessel for amazing ideas.


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