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Studio On Fire

Studio On Fire — Paper that becomes an object creates a sense of value and intrigue that a flat printed piece of paper lacks. Making something that people will hold onto is a big part of the value added by letterpress printing.

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To accompany the typographic illustration we did for Tess McCabe’s latest project,Conversations with Creative Women, we also designed and printed a letterpress bookmark, in the shape of a pair of crafty scissors to accompany the book.

For the design, we were searching for an icon to relate to all the different creative fields. We landed on scissors, a universal tool that is used by all crafty ladies. But not just any old scissors, a pair of antique scissors with ornate handles and little details etched into the metal, something that our grandmothers would have used.

Printing the bookmarks on our old Hiedelberg Windmill was great fun. We carefully matched and mixed the colour and made sure the registration was super tight. The die itself was quite complicated, but our press did a stellar job cutting the scissors and then we spent the morning punching out all little counters on each of the 600 bookmarks.

The letterpress bookmarks are printed in two colours, a hand mixed blue to match the cover of the book and silver ink, on Crane Lettra 300gsm, a 100% tree-free, cotton stock.


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